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Andrew James Food Mixer Dust Cover – 41.5cm x 38.5cm x 28cm – Protects Your Food Mixing Machine From Dirt & Dust & Prevents Discolouration of Plastic – Wipe Clean Material with PVC Inner Coating – Includes Pocket for Holding Accessories Etc – Will Fit A Range of Machines – Bonus Price

Keep your food mixer clean and prevent potential damage from dust and dirt by covering it with the Andrew James Food Mixer Dust Cover. This handy cover sits over the top of your machine and can be used whilst the food mixer is stored away in a cupboard as well as when it’s sat on the worktop.

The cover can be wiped clean with a soft cloth to remove any build up of dust. Using a cover over your food mixer can prevent any dust, dirt or other particles such as flour or icing sugar dust from getting into your machine and potentially affecting the taste and quality of your next bake. It will also help to prevent any discolouration of coloured plastics on your food mixer should it be exposed to bright or consistent light.

This food mixer cover has a handy pocket on one end so you can store your accessories including spatulas, dough hooks and whisks. It’s also a handy place to stow your manual, printed or handwritten lose recipes or a favourite cookbook.

This food mixer cover measures 41.5cm x 38.5cm x 28cm and neatly fits over the Andrew James 5.5 Litre Food Mixer. It may also be compatible with other brands such as KitchenAid or Kenwood but please check the dimensions before purchasing.

Andrew James Embossed Rolling Pin with Spiral Pattern. Ideal for Fondant Icing and Sugarpaste – Reduced To Clear

Quickly and easily decorate large areas of icing with this embossed rolling pin from Andrew James. It leaves a delicate pattern of spirals on the surface of your icing which you can then use to cover your cakes, or mould into other decorations such as leaves and flowers.

The lightweight rolling pin is so easy to use. Start by rolling out the icing to be decorated with a normal smooth rolling pin. Once you have it to the size and thickness you want, roll the embossed pin across the surface, pressing it down very gently to leave an imprint of the design behind.

You can use this rolling pin to decorate normal fondant icing but it can also be used with sugarpaste and marzipan. You could also use it to add a pattern to thick, chilled biscuit doughs or pastry for pie toppings. With a rolling surface of about 24cm in length you can roll across large pieces of icing in one go and you won’t need to worry about matching up the pattern and joining sections together.

Once you’ve finished decorating simply wash the rolling pin by hand or in the dishwasher then leave it to dry. Nothing could be easier!

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