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Six Nations England Rugby 2016 Bleacher Creature Bundle SALE Deal – Mega Value

The collection of Bleacher Creature plush toys is a phenomenon that has swept the USA by storm, and is set to repeat the trend in Europe. From Batman to Lebron James, Rocky Balboa to Thierry Henry, The Hobbit and Avengers Age of Ultron, the cult range has fans of all ages captured. Superb facial likenesses of the stars of sport and screen combine with cuddly construction to form the perfect companion for kids and adults alike. Follow @BCPlushToys or visit for latest news.

  • Six Nations England Rugby 2016 Bleacher Creature Bundle SALE Deal
  • Incredible Character Likeness
  • Plush collectible
  • Special collection bundle of 4 discount

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Another arrest shows why no one can hide from the genetic detectives

For the second time this year, investigators used a public DNA database to solve a cold case and find a murderer. The bust: A 55-year-old truck driver, William Talbott, was arrested today in Washington State after being fingered in a 30-year-old double murder. How they found him: According to Buzzfeed, investigators located Talbott’s family members after uploading old crime scene DNA to GEDMatch, a crowdsourced database that genealogists use to compare DNA and build family trees.

That’s the same database used in April to locate the Golden State Killer. Nowhere to hide: DNA databases are now so large that nearly everyone has a relative who has joined one. More to come: Expect more big cases to break soon.

A Virginia-based company called Parabon Nanolabs, which helped with the Washington murders, says it has DNA from 100 crime scenes and expects half the cases will be solved using relative matching.

In May, after the Golden State Killer news was released, the company began touting “genetic genealogy services for law enforcement.”

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