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eBay is offering some good tech deals today, all priced at $119

Amazon Prime Day isn’t here yet, but other retailers aren’t waiting around to begin offering discounts on tech.

Today’s standout deals come from eBay, which just so happens to be gearing up for its own special day of sales on July 10th. It will be hosting deals all week, but right now you can get an Xbox One S 1TB Starter Bundle at 20 percent off its usual price.

Some other eBay deals happening today all cost £119 (which is the same price as a year of Amazon Prime) and include free shipping:

You can find eBay’s repository for today’s deals right here along with more listed products as the day goes on. Some products might not be the latest and greatest, or refurbished, but you’re still getting solid savings.

And if you happen to buy something from another retailer at the same price, eBay’s new “Best Price Guarantee” claims to meet the price at 110 percent, meaning it will best the price by 10 percent in your favor.

You just need to take advantage of the price guarantee within 48 hours of purchase.

With Toys R Us gone, Amazon wants to send out a holiday toy catalog of its own

Now that Amazon has helped kill off Toys R Us, it wants to borrow the retailer’s iconic print holiday toy catalog. The online behemoth is interested in creating its own print catalog to mail out and also be handed out at Whole Foods (which it owns), according to Bloomberg.

Toys R Us was plagued with billions in debt when permanently closed last month — in part because of competition from online stores like Amazon. For many kids, its “Big Book” toy catalog was a staple of fall.

The 100-page catalog would arrive near the end of October for kids to look through and create a wishlist before December.

Now that the retailer is done, various companies are trying to scoop up the customers that headed to their shelves every December. Party City, for example, will open 50 pop-up toy shops for the holidays. Target will have more store space for toys.

It’s just especially amusing that Amazon, having helped kill off these physical retailers, is trying to learn from them to make even more money.

It bought Whole Foods last year and had even been interested in acquiring some Toys “R” Us locations before the store closed.

Maybe next we’ll hear that Amazon has a special holiday mascot called Geremy the Giraffe.

Walmart will begin selling an exclusive monthly DC comic anthology in July

DC will begin releasing an exclusive, monthly anthology comic series in Walmarts across the United States next month.

The comics will be more than your typical single-issue comic: these will be 100-page books, featuring a mix of new and reprinted material, priced at £4.99 an issue. According to DC Comics, the new material will be written by the likes of Tom King, Dan Jurgens, Brian Michael Bendis, Andy Kubert, and others, while each book will also include stories from the New 52 comics, Rebirth, and the New Age of DC Heroes. The series will include four titles: Superman Giant, Justice League of America Giant, Batman Giant, and Teen Titans Giant. This is the latest in a long line of Giant-style comics from DC: its 80-Page Giant line came in 1964, with others published over the years.

The first four books of this new series will hit shelves on July 1st, and after that, Superman Giant and Justice League Giant will each be released in the first week of the following months, while Batman Giant and Teen Titans Giant will arrive two weeks later.

The books will also feature some longer stories: Tom King and artist Andy Kubert will begin a 12-part Superman series beginning in September called “Up in the Sky!” beginning in Superman Giant #3, while Brian Michael Bendis will pen a 12-part Batman series called “Universe,” beginning in Batman Giant #3.

DC’s partnership with Walmart unlocks a potentially huge audience for the publisher.

More than 3000 Walmart stores across the US will carry the books — more than there are dedicated comic book stores in the US, and it harkens back to the days when most supermarkets carried comic books and science fiction magazines on their shelves.

Walmart isn’t the only major retailer that’s getting in on the comic game: Bleeding Cool reported earlier this month that Game Stop would trial selling comics in some of its stores beginning on June 15th.

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