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Hikari Saki Turtle Food: 20 Oz – Sale

Ideal for Most Aquatic Turtles Saki-Hikari is synonymous with the world’s highest quality and most efficient ornamental fish foods. Now your aquatic turtles can enjoy the same benefits koi, cichlid and goldfish keepers have come to love! Kids love turtles, parents hate the smell and dirty water. Saki-Hikari addresses these issues and lab-verified feeding trials confirm the odor-stop™ formula reduces unwanted odor while helping to maintain clearer and consistently better water (when used as directed). The highly balanced nutrients and inclusion of the Hikari Germ support intestinal flora and immune system health. FEATURES Say Goodbye To Odor – The highly tested and uniquely blended ingredients, including specific herbs, help reduce odor while increasing feed efficiency, which translates to less waste. The Hikari Germ™ Benefit – These proprietary probiotics support intestinal flora and remain active in the waste to help decompose it making it less taxing on your bio-action. Expect improved water quality when used as directed. Nutrition Specifically For Your Turtle – Added calcium supports the development of the outer shell while vitamin D₃ improves calcium absorption. A uniquely balanced combination of nutritious ingredients aquatic turtles desire meaning no supplemental feedings are required. Reduce Tank Odors Comparison Test #1 showed a significant reduction in odor concentration for aquariums where Saki-Hikari TURTLE was fed. Cleaner Water Comparison Test #2 uncovered a much lower turbidity of the water when Saki-Hikari TURTLE was used versus competing products. Keeping turtles can be more enjoyable with less maintenance and clearer water if you make Saki-Hikari TURTLE your first choice!

  • Package Description: 20 oz. (567 g)
  • Serving Size: ..
  • Number of Servings: ..
  • Unit Type: Each

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Wild Garden Bird Dry Mealworms Energy & Protein Food Hedgehog Feed by Happy Beaks (500g) – Sale Item

Attract a variety of wild birds to your garden with these high protein, high calorie treats. Hedgehogs love them too, so there won’t be any mess left in your outdoor area. To make these treats even tastier, soak them in water overnight to rehydrate them, then put them on your bird feeding table.

Before we as a species destroyed many of the natural habitats for the birds’ more traditional feeding fodder, newly hatched chicks would be dining on caterpillars or similar creepy crawlies. By adding this bird feed to your feeding table or ground feeder, you’re ensuring that you keep both adult birds and baby beaks happy and well fed. This wild bird food is perfect for giving the adult birds gathering in your garden the high energy they’ll need.

Decide between a wide variety of bag sizes dependant on how much you need, then sit back and watch those lovely little birds flock to your garden feeder.

Bird Types: Blackbird, Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, House Sparrow, Robin, Starling, Wren

Suitable Feeder Types: Ground Feeding, Table

Please note: the 1kg bags of Dried Mealworms are delivered as 2 x 500g

Key Ingredients: Mealworms

Allergy Note: Made in a factory that also handles nuts.

  • 3 sizes available; Choose between a 200g, 500g, or 1kg bag
  • Entice wild birds; Ideal for attracting a variety of wild birds to your garden
  • Versatile; This bird feed can be used on a feeding table, or on a ground feeder
  • High energy; Mealworms have a high calorie and protein content;
  • All year round; Wild bird food perfect for year round feeding

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