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How to Change Your Wi-Fi Password

Your Wi-Fi password guards your wireless network against snoopers and drive-by hackers. It needs to be complex and difficult to guess yet still simple enough to remember and use. Maybe your current Wi-Fi password doesn’t cut it, but you’re not quite sure how or where to change it.

No problem. The actual steps vary depending on your router[1] brand and model, but the basic process is the same. There’s only one real downside with changing your Wi-Fi password.

After you reset the password, you have to log back into your network from every wireless device in your home. That lineup includes not just your PCs and mobile devices but also your smart TV, Blu-ray player, streaming media players[2], and any other smart devices. Whew, that’s a fair amount of work.

But if the move improves and enhances your Wi-Fi security, the results should be worth the effort.

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How to Send or Receive Money Using Gmail on Android

Need to send someone money or request money from someone? If you and the other person have Android devices and the Google Gmail app, you can send and receive money just as you can with Gmail on the web. The ability to send money has been baked into the online Gmail service for a few years; the search giant added Google Wallet, now Google Pay Send[1], to its Gmail app in March 2017[2], meaning you can send and receive money on the go using your phone or tablet.

So far, the feature is limited to the Android version of Gmail. Apple iPhone and iPad users are out of luck, though they can use the Google Pay app[3] to send and receive money. But you can’t beat the convenience of having the feature built directly into an email app.

Here’s how to use it.

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