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Flexifoil 1.6m Wide Camera Kite for Action Camera or Smartphone. By World Record Winning Kite Designer – Safe, Strong, Reliable and Durable Family Outdoor Beach Activities for Adults and Teens – Price Special

The Camera Kite comes fully equipped with a well-built and good-looking rucksack. You’ll also receive a 55 metre (180ft) Flying Line – featuring a 16-string braided polyester line and 120kg breaking strength. Connect the reel to the kite quickly, easily and hassle-free. It comes in white for a refreshingly neutral look. Also included is a convenient Component Storage Bag; crafted from high-quality, durable nylon for strength and stability designed to stand the test of time. Enjoy quick and easy storage of your Camera Kite in its own long storage bag – without having to go through the schlep of removing the wingtip, top and bottom spine spars. Use our cutting-edge Anchor Leash to achieve full kite-flying independence where and when you need it the most. This kite flies by itself! A tough and robust ground stake is included to quickly, easily and effectively anchor your kite to your anchor leash for the most pleasurable independent flying. If you wish to lower and even direct your kite in your desired direction, you can do so with the sturdy yet comfortable padded Landing Handle so you don’t have to use the reel. Safeguard and protect your hands with the Camera Kite’s exclusive Protection Gloves. They are made from HPPE Nylon Spandex Glass Fibre Knit, featuring PU coating. One size fits all for the utmost convenience. Simply secure your action camera or your smartphone into one of the world’s smallest and lightest 1-axis stabilisers so while the kite is oscillating and moving in the sky, your action camera or your smartphone will remain straight. Highly intelligent, lightweight and a new design concept. Includes a mini USB cable for convenient charging. A comprehensive Camera Kite User Manual is included. It contains all the steps, tips and tricks for the absolute novice to the most experienced of Kite Aerial Photographers. Important: Action Camera / Smartphone Not Included Patent Pending 1721054.3

  • Take high-quality, breath-taking aerial shots. No prior camera experience needed. High-quality protection gloves to keep you safe during flying time. Various storage bags to keep everything organised at all times. An anchor leash to help you fly independently. A 60-page user manual to show you all the ins and outs you need to know when using your Camera Kite. Reliable performance in winds from 8mph (13kph) to 20mph (32kph).
  • Reel in and out – quickly and easily – like a pro. Stylish colours that suit any style and match any taste. Waterproof backpack to protect your equipment no matter the terrain or weather. Stabiliser ensures your action camera or smartphone remains straight even while the kite is moving. IMPORTANT: ACTION CAMERA / SMARTPHONE NOT INCLUDED.
  • The Camera Kite has been expertly engineered using high-quality nylon ripstop material with a Dacron cage construction. Why nylon ripstop? Well, not only is this material refreshingly lightweight, but it’s also far stronger than many would think – the perfect combination for a great kite-flying session!
  • Why the Dacron cage? We use this to encase the spars (spars are the poles which make up the kite frame), as well as to help avoid any undesired wear and tear on the kite’s edges. Speaking of the spars, these are constructed using 5mm carbon fibre tubes which also house internal bungees to save time & hassle during assembly. The spars when assembled make up the kite’s robust carbon frame. The result? The kite is given a powerful stiff shape yet on a surprisingly light frame, boosting performance.
  • Flexifoil is an iconic British kite company with a reputation for exceptional quality and innovation in the sport. We invented Power Kiting in 1972 & have never looked back since. In 2012, Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson chose Flexifoil to design the kites which powered himself and his family from England to France as they embarked on the feat of accomplishing Three World Records.

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Xiaomi’s next flagship phone might have an in-display fingerprint sensor

We’ve been seeing rumblings of Xiaomi’s next flagship smartphone, which would be a regular development, until a video uploaded to YouTube teased that the upcoming device — dubbed the Mi 8 — will have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The Mi 8 is supposed to be the sequel to last year’s Mi 6 — it’s not totally clear why, but the rumor is Xiaomi will skip the Mi 7. Xiaomi has had two other high-end phones since then, the Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S, which both feature larger displays. But it comes as no surprise that they’d experiment between product cycles before settling on a new flagship.

Other features planned for the Chinese Android manufacturer’s flagship include a 3D facial recognition unlocking feature, the Snapdragon 845 chipset with up to 8GB RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 4,000mAh battery with support for wireless charging.

[embedded content]

The video is brief, so we really can’t see what’s going on within the interface, except for the in-display fingerprint login.

Also seen in the video is what appears to be version nine of the MIUI, the family of custom skins by Xiaomi made for their Android phones.

In-display fingerprint technology is still very new and starting to proliferate, with some of the first examples being the Vivo X20 and the Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS.

Google offers developers a free 4K HDR Android TV streaming dongle

It turns out that the Google-branded Android TV dongle that showed up at the FCC awhile back isn’t a consumer product. Instead, Google is offering it to developers as a reference product for testing their TV applications on. You can apply to receive one of the ADT-2 units from Google directly.

The dongle supports 4K resolution at 60fps and is also capable of HDR playback. The specs are fairly middle of the road; an Nvidia Shield this is not.

Android Police notes that it uses the same chipset as Amazon’s Fire TV 4K dongle and has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. It seems that the Android TV team built this gadget expressly for development purposes since the busted-old Nexus Player is no longer supported.

But they made enough to give away the dongle as an I/O freebie and mail some out to developers. A voice remote is included, so using Google Assistant to pull up content is about as simple as it gets.

Consumers can already get both 4K and HDR from Google’s £69 Chromecast Ultra device. But that relies on the content being sent over from your smartphone or another device, whereas Android TV has a traditional streaming interface, apps, and the Google Play store built in.

Google could certainly release a compact Android TV streaming device at its Pixel hardware event this fall, but I wouldn’t read into the existence of this thing as any sort of guarantee.

If not, there’s a JBL soundbar coming with Android TV integrated.

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