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Gaugemaster GM-GM17 N Rail Joiner/Wire Pair Connecting Leads – Limited Price

Suitable for the following scale(s): N Scale

These N Gauge leads have fish plates at one end stripped and bare wire tinned on the other, wire colours are Black and Orange and measure 1m in length. The fish plates are compatable with Peco code 80 and code 55, Fleischmann N gauge track and Atlas N Gauge track. The wire used on this product is the same as the GM11 wire which measures 7 x 0.2mm with a manufacturers spec of 2.0A

  • Easy to Install and Add Power to the Railway
  • Designed for easy usage and storage
  • Fits Most Brands of N Scale Track

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This complete bingo set comes with everything you need for hours of Bingo fun!

The set includes 75 numbered balls, 18 reusable Bingo cards with transparent tokens and Bingo cage with automatic random ball selector.

With all this and a plastic tray to keep track of numbers called, you’re ready to hold your own Bingo tournament at home or at the office!

  • Bingo cage with automatic random ball selector
  • Tray for tracking called numbers
  • 75 numbered BINGO balls
  • 18 reusable BINGO cards – upto 18 players
  • 150 transparent colored tokens

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Amazon Go’s cashier-less stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go is heading to Chicago and San Francisco, according to a report from The Seattle Times, marking the first expansion of the online retailer’s cashier-less grocery store from its initial Seattle location.

Per The Seattle Times, Amazon has posted job listings for store managers at upcoming locations in Chicago and San Francisco.

An Amazon representative later confirmed that the company is planning to open Amazon Go stores in those cities, although no timetable or date has been announced yet.

The news isn’t a complete surprise to those who have been watching Amazon closely. Curbed reported back in February that Amazon had bought a retail space in Chicago, and The San Francisco Chronicle reported last week that Amazon would be opening a retail space near Union Square, but today’s news is the first official word on the new stores.

The first Amazon Go location opened back in January near Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle.

The automated store has customers scan their phone when they first arrive, and then uses a variety of cameras and sensors to track what items customers have picked up and automatically charge them when they leave the store.

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