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Wooden Go Kart Kit – Just Add a Pallet – Reduced

  • Complete kit to make a traditional wooden go kart – all you need is a pallet, some basic tools and a bit of imagination.
  • Contains all the parts you need as well as an instruction booklet with building guidelines
  • Suitable for adults and children – strong enough to last for years
  • Spend some quality time together building and designing your own go kart
  • Guaranteed to earn you masses of cool-dad-points (or uncle, brother or anyone else for that matter)…

Build your own wooden go kart just like the soap box and pram wheel karts you built as a kid (but a bit sturdier)!

The kits contain everything you need as well as clear guidelines on how to reach the start line. Having first made these karts with my nephews they have then been through further (rigorous) testing with the local scout group and held up very well. They are enormous fun, easy to build and will give years of enjoyment for both adults and children. If you do get stuck though each kit includes my email address and phone number and I will help where I can. Pallets can be found at most industrial estates, builders merchants or retail parks. Just have a look around and you’ll soon spot them, ask first and very few will say no. Make sure you pick a sturdy one and have a spare to hand in case you need extra parts.

Each kit contains:

-4x sturdy wheels with bearings and pneumatic tyres -2x complete axles including plenty of nuts and washers to hold the wheels on -Steering bolt -Rope to hold on and steer with -Mounting staples to hold the axles on -Screws to hold it all together -Large drill bit just in case you don’t have one to hand -Instruction booklet with guidelines for building

You will also need the following tools:

-Hammer -Adjustable spanner -Drill, 10mm bit and screwdriver bits -Mole grips -Wood saw -Crow bar -Hack saw / metal saw (optional) -A good amount of common sense

Please note: The fun of these kits is building and designing your kart from scratch – they are not a flat pack for children to assemble on their own. Built together though they are well within the reach of most families.

Ricco 2.1 Channel Glossy Piano Painted Wooden Speaker Hi-Fi Stereo Digital Music System for Apple 30 Pin iPod Touch and iPhone – Red – Mega Price

  • Bluetooth Built-in, Wirelessly Compatible with iPhones and iPads. 30-Pin Dock connector for older iPhones
  • Multi Connections: CD Player, Bluetooth, AUX-RCA input, FM Radio, Alarm, Clock, EQ Control.
  • Real Wooden speaker, Total 50 Watts RMS active system.
  • 2.1 Channel Apple MFI Certified System, and Easy to use with remote controls.
  • Able to use your speaker’s remote control to playback (play,pause,next,previous)

The Made for iPod (MFI) logo means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod and iPhone and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. It is a touch key controlled system, Stylish iPod docking system with integrated radio and AUX input.

Ricco IBT29C is a guaranteed attention grabber! Impressively tall and powerful to match, this docking system is the perfect iPod companion.

It’s also more than just an iPod dock – built in FM radio, alarm clock, and AUX input for another audio source (CD player, tape deck, MP3 Player/2nd iPod) there’s a whole range of listening options. Give your iPod the attention and quality it deserves!

Compatibility Bluetooth Apple iPods and iPhones (30-Pin Generations ONLY! e.g.iPhone 4S) CD (Compact Disc) CD DVD Player MP3 Player AUX Input for Any Sound Source

Specifications: 45 Watts RMS Total System Program Power Drive unit: L channel 3.0 inch + dome tweeter R channel 3.0 inch + dome tweeter Subwoofer 5.0 inch Subwoofer 25 Watts RMS Program Amplifier Left, Right, 10 WATTS RMS (2X10W) Real 2.1 Channel Input Bass, Treble, Fully Functional Remote Control Digital Fm Tuner, Digital Vfd Display Magnetically Shielded Signal To Noise Ratio: 85dB GROSS WEIGHT: 6KG NET WEIGHT: 5.5KG BOX Material : WOODEN THD: 0.1% FREQUENCY : L,R 50Hz-20kHz Subwoofer 50Hz-280Hz SIZE(DxWxH): 430 mm x 160mm x 230 mm Power supply: 230V, 50 Hz IMPORTANT:DOCKING CONNECTOR IS NOT FOR 8-PIN IPHONES (IPHONE 5 ONWARDS)!!!

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Wentworth Wooden Puzzles Elephant Savanna 250 piece jigsaw

  • 250pc Shaped Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Includes our famous whimsy pieces (a whimsy is a puzzle piece crafted into recognisable shape, e.g. like a flower, bird or a boat)
  • Our cuts rarely include corner pieces, or two pieces of the same shape; and to make it that little bit more challenging straight edges can often be found in the middle of the puzzle
  • All our puzzles are made in Britain from a 3mm thick wooden board derived from sustainable sources
  • Puzzles come in a cloth bag inside a stylish but sturdy box made from recycled material

Elephant Savanna by Adrian Chesterman This delightful elephant shaped puzzle features a scene of African animals. The shaped edges make this jigsaw a little bit tricky, so it’s the perfect puzzle for a jigsaw expert, or an avid puzzler who wants something a little bit different. Note: This puzzle has smaller pieces than our usual 250 piece puzzles. Why you’ll love this puzzle It’s great for fans of animal puzzles Makes a great gift or souvenir of a safari holiday This high quality, traditional, wooden jigsaw puzzle can be done time and again and it’s especially themed whimsy pieces make it a treat to complete.

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